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MSRP: $74.95
Price: $54.95
You Save: $20.00 (27 %)
Item Number: HFSG2


The Totally All New Hellfire Gen 2 is the Epitome of the evolution of Rapid Fire Triggers. All metal with "Rate of fire Adjustment" You pull your guns trigger.Allows for single shots,bursts to emptying magazines at a full auto rate safely and legally. With the All New Hellfire Gen2 you can finally and reliably shoot rapid fire from Aimed Shoulder Fire, and even ONE HANDED making it the ONLY system legal for pistols too. The Patent Pending Hellfire Gen2 has a built in "Micro Adjust Rate of Fire" so you can decide how fast your rounds come out of your gun. Your options include the device mounted on a custom grip so you simply switch it out with your grip and you are ready to go. The other is a do it yourself version which only involves drilling two holes which takes about 2 minutes..The latter version also allows you to custom fit it to just about any gun..This is the "End all to End All's in rapid fire trigger innovation. so Get Yours Now before it's too Late...