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Hell- Fire Trigger Blaster Enhancer

MSRP: $34.95
Price: $29.95
You Save: $5.00 (14 %)
Item Number: AFTBE1000
Manufacturer: Hellfire Systems
NEW January 1,2017. If there ever was a simple device that is the Ultimate in Rapid Firing, This is it.. This simple snap on addition enhances the performance of Hypergat,Tac Triggers, Autoburst,and Hellfire triggers 90% It is the epitome of simplicity and makes your gun a rapid fire MONSTER.Makes shoulder firing and one handed firing a breeze.Works on pistols and rifles. This is absolutly  the End to the Evolution of all Rapid Fire Devices. There will NEVER be anything Better .. Most trigger systems use the principle of "Taking up the slack in the trigger creep and set the trigger on it edge" . When this is done, when the shooter pulls the guns trigger slowly the action of the shell ejecting and re-chambering will palpitate your finger back and forth at a full automatic rate. Because the trigger functions singly with each shot fired, It is legal with ATF. Because the back and forth "effect" depends on each gun is different due to weights,stocks,triggers,etc. this can be difficult for some to aquire the so called "feel". With the "AUTO FIRE TRIGGER BLASTER TRIGGER ENCHANCER"  All this difficulty is eliminated. It snaps on the gun behind the trigger and enchances the guns energy 3x so no special feel is required making it the ultimate accessory EVER INVENTED...